Lately we have seen or heard of many different Brandon Lewis Gemini 2 binary options companies showing up online. Most of them are overseas, in either Europe or various other countries. Some are regulated by Europe or by different countries with their own mechanisms. In the United States there is one binary options is it a scam company, which is a spread trading/binary options exchange. It is an actual binary options true regulated exchange. It is like all other exchanges in the United States and it follows the same transparent and strict regulations. There isn’t anything over the counter or hidden. It is the North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX). There are other firms claiming you can make 70% to 80% on trades. That sounds really great, however they come with many catches to

At first glance it appears that 70-80% is the highest rate you can make. However, on the NADEX you are able to select your risk and reward. So you can make 200% if you want, or 400%. The more you would like to make the lower the risk you have to actually take. How is that possible? Because with the NADEX you can choose the strike price for out of the money, at the money and in the money. With other company, you only can take it to market for only one hour at a certain time. So it is a bigger risk that you are taking on.

Brandon Lewis Gemini 2 On NADEX there are many different strikes at various risk levels and different levels of being out of the money, at the money and in the money. It also expires whenever the exchange close for the specific product. That way you have a sufficient amount of time for seeing a true setup or is it a scam  trade develop and you don’t have to try to beat the clock in an hour. For these reasons NADEX is truly a binary options trader’s firm. You have the option as well for trading in the binary or out of it. So you don’t necessarily have to hold onto it until expiration in order to be profitable at NADEX with binary options. Therefore you are able to trade in or out whenever you want to.

After you short or buy an option and it starts to move in the direction you want it to, the binary option price also will move short or long with the market and you can take your profits accordingly. That way you aren’t ever locked in, and you can decide ahead of time what your stop losses will be when you want to get out. Therefore you don’t have to risk the entire expiration price. With NADEX you can put risk and money controls into effect that you can’t with other companies. With other firms, you’re lock in, it’s similar to a sports bet where you either win or let. This isn’t the way traders like to trade and can be tough to swallow.

For instance you can purchase a binary at NADEX to expire at a certain price, it it get very close or over the strike price, but there are still a few hours before expire and you aren’t sure it if will stay or not, you can go ahead and sell out to make a profit on your trade while it’s over its strike price. That way if it starts to tank all of a sudden and is below the strike at expiry, you won’t lose, but you would lose everything you had put into the trade if you had held it until expiration. With another company, you would lose and not have an opportunity to get out early. That is a very significant different in being download-8able to make this a career or not. If you would like to make a career with Brandon Lewis Gemini 2 trading binary options, it is already clear how hard it is, why would you want to add any more difficulties to the mix? Of course we want to provide ourselves with the best chance possible of earning a living. This is why the best option for traders is NADEX, whether they are beginners or are veterans searching for an excellent way of trading with a transparent exchange and low risk.

Our exchange hosts binary options and we also have a separate market maker. Soon more market makers will be coming to help enhance the trading performed on the exchange even more. These are CFTC regulated just like the CBOT or CME. They are in Chicago. Personally I trade with them and really like binary options trading. I have trade with various firms from all around the world just to find out what the major differences were. I just want to be clear I don’t work for NADEX and am not affiliated in any way with them.